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Contract Cleaning

This involves daily cleaning of premises. The routine includes sweeping floors, mopping, glazing, vacuum cleaning carpets and dusting. The work is done and charged every month.

In retail supermarkets cleaning involves cleaning and disinfection shop floors, warehouses, toilets, back areas and sweeping parking lots. We also clean Food preparation areas using the three-bucket method. Cleaning in these food areas requires chemicals that are hygienic and safe.

For commercial premises, we clean office floors, kitchens, canteens, common areas and toilets. this includes thorough cleaning and scrubbing, as well as deep cleaning of carpets.

For industrial customers safety is very important. This means our employees are trained to avoid work-related accidents.

Quarterly we carry out deep cleaning of all these premises.

Our employees undergo training before they are deployed. Periodically they go for refresher courses.


Once Off Cleaning

This involves once-off or periodic cleaning services. Included in this service are spring cleaning from roof gutters, ceilings, walls, floors, windows, toilets and carpet deep cleaning. Service is dependent on the client’s specific needs.

Our employees have specialised training in the above services which are offered on a once-off basis.  As the name indicates this is a once-off cleaning service, with no obligations to a contract. This service is offered to both organizations and domestic customers for their offices and homes respectively


Lease Cleaning

Before occupying a new office, retail outlet or warehouse facility, it’s important to make sure that the space you’re moving into is clean and sanitised from top to bottom. Our pre-occupational cleaning services are designed for landlords, tenants, homeowners and rental agents to prepare any space, big or small, for occupation. Our services are fully tailored to your needs, and our team strives to work around your schedule to quickly deliver reliable work, so that when you’re ready to move in – you’ll be moving into a clean space.

The last thing you want to think about when packing up your contents in your home is cleaning. Packing up your life is complicated enough, without having to think about where you’ll find a mop once everything is packed. Besides leaving a space that a new tenant wants to move into, you’ll risk losing your deposit if your end-of-lease cleaning is less than stellar. Making use of professional end-of-lease cleaning services is the easiest way to make sure you don’t forfeit your deposit, and that the only thing you leave behind are memories. We provide end-of-lease cleaning services to suit your budget – from private homes to large office blocks.


Window Cleaning

Windows need to be kept clean in commercial buildings for numerous reasons. They look more attractive when they are clean and keeping them clean results in less drastic chemical treatment, which in turn saves money in the long run. This is usually on low-level windows. However, scaffolding equipment is used where windows are on higher levels. Service can be once off or on a monthly or quarterly contract basis. This is a worthwhile service especially after the rainy season and after the dry and windy months. We provide Accessible (ground and first floor) window cleaning as well as High level (up to 5 stories) window cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning

This can be wet cleaning or dry cleaning. Service can be offered to commercial as well as domestic customers. It is important to remember that different carpets require specialized attention. Your business or home and its contents are an investment. This means that where your rugs, carpets and upholstery are concerned, the use of professional carpet cleaners is a must. Regular cleaning not only maintains the appearance of your carpets but also prolongs their lifespan too. In fact, carpets that are regularly cleaned have twice the lifespan of those that don’t undergo a regular maintenance programme. Making use of professional carpet cleaners has the added benefit of eliminating dust mites, mould and mould spores, and allergens that contribute to asthma, respiratory problems and hay fever. 


Waste Removal

EcoGenies offer waste removal services. Our waste removal solutions collect waste from both residential and commercial clients providing a greener, safer tomorrow. We ensure reliable and professional garbage collection solutions through the provision of proper collection and disposal of non-hazardous waste products within your area. We offer residential communities with garbage collection service that makes it easy for our customers to discard and recycle non-hazardous waste from their homes. Our collection capabilities cater to households across all income areas. These include apartments, complexes, and residential associations (estates).


Pest Fumigation/Disinfection Services

Pest Fumigation. We offer control of rodents, flies as well as cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants. This service is offered to all sectors whether residential, commercial, industrial as well as health institutions.

This service involves first inspecting the premises and identifying the type of pest and its behaviours. Then it prescribes to clients the best method to contain and control the problem. Either baiting or spraying methods are then used depending on the type of pest

Disinfection. This service is offered to de-contaminate premises. This can be done as a precautionary measure or where there is a suspected or confirmed case of contamination. The process involves cleaning of premises, spraying as well as damp dusting. Protective wear is worn at all times by our operators. Service can be offered either on a once-off or contract basis which can be monthly or quarterly.


Sanitary bin Services

We offer sanitary disposal service for ladies’ toilets for offices, tertiary institutions and schools wherever there are females. This service involves following some steps. We start by placing a sanitary bin in each cubicle. Every week the bin is emptied either once or twice in that week or depending on the customer’s requirements. The bin is cleaned, disinfected and deodorised. A new bin liner is placed and before leaving we make refill the small plastic bags. Waste is incinerated.

Service is also offered to customers with their own bins. These sanitary bins are also available for sale to those who wish to carry out the service by themselves.


Land Scaping/Gardening Services

This involves mowing the lawn, cutting back and trimming shrubs and hedges, watering gardens, and maintaining and sweeping pathways and driveways. This service can be offered as a once-off, or on a daily, weekly or monthly contract basis.


Warehouse cleaning

Our warehouse cleaning program is specifically designed for the facility type, as well as the nature of the business’ storage operations. It often involves flexible scheduling, particularly for facilities that operate around the clock.

EcoGenies Cleaning Services provides industrial cleaning for spaces of every size and purpose including warehouse storage facilities, manufacturing plants and distribution centres, and food prep and food-grade warehousing facilities. We provide the following warehouse cleaning services:  

General cleaning and housekeeping



Power washing

Floor cleaning and maintenance care

Wall and ceiling cleaning

HVAC and ventilation cleaning

Cleaning dirt and dust from rafters

bathroom, kitchen, and break room cleaning

Special research room cleaning

Assembly line cleaning

Supply room cleaning

Detailed elevator cleaning


After Events Cleaning

Post-event clean-up includes restoring the venue to its pre-event condition. Tasks include disposing of all accumulated garbage (and recycling where applicable), cleaning floors and other surfaces, and cleaning all areas of the venue, including the bathrooms and kitchen. In big events, post-clean-up tasks will include vacuuming, power sweeping or spraying, and sidewalk sweeping.


Post Construction Cleaning

This involves pre-occupation spring-cleaning of commercial buildings and residential houses after construction. Floors, walls and windows are thoroughly cleaned before occupation.  Rubble removal is done where required.


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